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At Ekmattra Handicraft, we use stones that are used for Bangladesh's traditional costumes and Jute which is a local speciality in Bangladesh. We stay with the full value of quality for out products. they are made by the mothers in rural towns very carefully one by one.

The Ekmattra Handi Craft factory was established 3 years ago to provide employment to mothers who are in a difficult environment to raise their children or even to stay alive. Three years after the establishment, the number of staff and facilities in the workshop increased, we are growing steadily toward the realization of our ideal workplace.



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Mae Watanabe

ekmattra handi craft Director

Mae Watanabe is born in Tokyo,Japan in 1980. After she was part of the theater company and played an active role on the stage, she gets married with Hiroiki Watanabe, a founding member of the NGO Ekmattra which supports street children in Bangladesh in Japan, and moved to Bangladesh in 2012.Her life until then was nothing to do with international cooperation.But once she moved there,she started working as a staff member of Ekmattra in Bangladesh and took great care of children,mentally and physically, as their mother in the support facility. 


In 2013,she gave birth her son and became an actual mother. With the experience of giving birth made her think that she wants to make “employment that’ll let mothers have dream and they can picture their future” for single mothers and pregnant women suffering in poverty in rural areas. She Established “Ekmattra Handy Craft Studio” to support and help them with their financial and mental independence. It mainly sells miscellaneous goods(products) in Bangladesh and Japan, and is currently working with 12 mothers and staffs to create a world where all mothers are valued as women.