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At the start of the workshop, 50 women who wanted to work in the area applied.But result of strict interview and selection process, 8 women out of 50 were selected.

During the interview, many troubled women with a sad past or story came, like a woman whose husband got married to a new woman and lost in her life, A woman who has a child alone but has no income,

a woman who has suffered in domestic violence ...

We visited and made a surveys to narrow it down to the poorest women who had no jobs .

Because our primary goal was to help women who have the least opportunity to get out of a difficult situation and regain their lives with their own hands. A woman who were appreciated to the positive attitude for work and passion in the workshop became a member in the end.


That was how the craft factory started .But at first, it was full of problems and many difficulties. Since they were women who have never worked or went to school, I needed to teach a lot of things that were almost like a common sense before we start actually working.

However, what they had in common was to raise children and change their lives. It was a very strong commitment to manage this job to change their lives no matter how hard they had to try. But But they never gave up even if their job didn’t meet condition and had to do the work again and again. After the special job training without giving up, we finally came to be able to produce high quality of products that could be sold Japan.

I want mothers in Bangladesh to work with proud and with a smile. I want them to live. This workshop, which started with such hope, will be a happy future for the 12 mothers and children who are currently working, and will be a bright hope for the next generation of mothers. For them and to do that,we will keep working for them.





Hawa Begun

​She is a single mother

who raises three children

and a member of first generation.


She is a bright person

and always makes everyone laugh.

One day my husband suddenly left me and my three children. At that time, I had no income, and my daughters were still little and needed care, and there was no workig opporturnity in this village for women which let her carry their children round at work.


I've managed to let my son continue to studying, thanks to my son's efforts, he has finally got to take the SSC exam (Bangladesh university entrance exam), but if I didn't have income, I cannot make him go to school or take the exam.


At that time, there was a recruitment at the workshop, and I applied just because


I wanted my son to go to University. 

Since I started working, I get my salary every month, and I was able to send my children to school with the money. My son also successfully passed the SSC exam. Living with three children is hard, but I am really happy and proud of myself to be able to give the opportunity as a parent.

Until I started working in this workshop, I could not make any decisions on my own.In such a situation,I did not know when my husband is coming home, when he will bring salary. I had to made a living with the money occasionally given by husband. I didn't have that authority to give them food I wish to give,or I didn’t afford anything I wanted to buy for them even if I was their mother.

But now,it’s  different. I get to decide the amount of money I use.I can think and decide like “oh kids may need it so I’ll buy ” or “what can I buy for side dish”.

 I am very happy anout it. 

I brought myself to take interview, and took a big step from a life where

 I couldn’t do anything I wanted to and just stayed at home. After I started learning,

I learned about the joy of working and making my own decisions.


And I am very happy when I make beautiful products with friends who work hard while raising children just like I do . This workshop is where I can smile from bottom of my heart.

​Laboni Akter

She is a second generation member who has two children.

She always works hard

thinking about factory and everyone.


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