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“ULKA” means “shooting star” in Bengali. This product uses sparkling stones that are used to decorate Sari, a traditional Bangladesh costume. It is named after a shooting stars. Hoping the wishes of the mothers who are producers will reach to the future, like the shooting stars flowing in the sky at night does. And also We named it with the thought that we will be the one to bring.

This is the most popular product of Ekmattra Handi Craft,and it can be a great accent to your day like jewelry does.




A jute pen is a beautiful pen which is wrapped around with jute, a local speciality of Bangladesh. Natural dye gives it very tender shade of color and Jute has a nostalgic hue and a touch that fits comfortably into your hand. It is a product that gives off Bangladesh vibe. So this is popular not only for women but also for gifts and souvenirs for men.



A pen pouch made of soft jute cloth and lace. A simple and elegant design that matches the natural color of jute with an off-white(Ivory) cotton race. It matches perfectly well with our products ULKA and jute pens, It comes with a cute natural jute packet so it could be a gorgeous gift.


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